Clay Evan Lysacek

One of my close friends has recently become quite involved in men's figure skating, especially with some of the Olympic contenders. As a result, I've seen a lot of pictures and footage of them. It got me quite interested in the dynamics of some of their moves, which led me to wonder if I could create a clay figure that stood on one leg, leaning as they do. This was exciting as I had been unable to create a clay figure (due to lack of inspiration) for about a year. Since achieving the pose was my main goal, I set my friend babel on a hunt to find me the skater with the least complicated costume. Now, there may be even less complicated costumes out there, but I was somewhat at the mercy of the skaters she likes, and I honestly didn't want to do something completely plain. I also told her I refused to create anything with red in it. (Red clay is the bane of my existence.) Anyway, we finally narrowd it down to two of Evan Lysacek's costumes, and in the end this one won out. That it's the one he wore when he won the gold medal in the recently 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics really is just a happy accident.

Anyway, I present to you a clay version of Olympic gold medal winner Evan Lysacek!

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Dawn, Carl and Joel

My sister and brother-in-law just had their first child, and came to visit us in California (they live in Florida) for the first time since the baby was born. I'd been toying with the idea of making them little clay figures and decided to once they arrived and I could assess some outfits for them. :) So here's a few pictures of the figures I made of them.

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[insert political message here]

This was only the fourth set of figures I ever made, and as a result he looks sort of prototypeish, but I thought I'd include him anyway.

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