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The Ten Doctors

Woohoo! I got them all done in time! The con is tomorrow and here are all ten of them! :D I love them all but I hope I don't bring any of them back. XD

This image is only 600 pixels on the longest side but all of the rest are 1000 and there are nine of them, so dial up users, you have been warned.

Well this is just a larger version of the pre-cut image.

Shortest to tallest. Poor One really wasn't shorter than Two, though.

Size comparison to a pen!

Odds and evens.

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

The Five Doctors

:3 I couldn't resist. This one's for you, vilakins. XD

I also took a million more pictures of other configurations--each with their next regeneration, the Two Doctors, the Time Crash Doctors, the Three Doctors, different patterns, different angles and Avon and Vila posing as companions for all of them. And Vila >_>ing Six like he's Bayban. And Avon eyeing Six like it's Time Lash. And all sorts of wacky hijinks.

I'm taking Avon and Vila to the con as well, and putting a $200 price on them as a set, ahahaha. I seriously doubt they'll sell but for $200 I'll let them go. XD
Tags: clay creations, doctor who
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Oh wow! They look fabulous all lined up like that.
How marvelous they look all lined up like that! What a brilliant job you've done, each ones personality and indivuality shines theough in their poses. And their hair, curls and grey & golden, they all look great!

Good luck tomorrow!

Y'know, even though this isn't at all a fandom of mine, I'm really quite gobsmacked by the amount of brilliant effort that went into creating this. I hope you get a lot of attention--and maybe even some sort of career opportunity--out of this.

Bravo, my dear!
Amazingly creative...great job!

Congrats! They're all splendid!

Have a great time at the con!
Awww, lookit them all! They're all awesome :D!

Seven is still the cutest though.
This is a FANTASTIC set. I'm extremely impressed, Van!
Wow, they look fantastic together! Will you pose them with the TARDIS coin box at Gallifrey? Have loads of fun and bring back photos for us!

Awwwww, Vila and Avon with Four! It goes with my crossover! Thank you! You know, if I get a job, I'm ordering a Vila and Avon! :-D
These are so bloody brilliant..just like...these need to be toys for the buying >_>

Fantastic job, Van :D I couldn't make something as cool as those in a million years XD Have a fantastic time at Gally!
I think they WILL sell for that much! Good for you, you have done an amazing job and I hope someone really appreciates these.
They look *amazing*. I'm so impressed. I'm speechless! I hope you get a lot of offers and opportunities from this.
Oh my god, I'm squeeing you are amazing, Van.


February 13 2009, 14:12:43 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  February 13 2009, 14:12:59 UTC

Here via fanbitch. This is brilliant! I want the whole set to line up on the top shelf of my desk. Whenever my housemates ask me a question, I would look up and say, "What do you think, Doctors?"

And oh, this reminds me that I'm nervous about the incoming Doctor. I hope he's good. >.< I hope he's good...I'm going to miss David.

Yeah, umm, I'll shut up now. Great work, again!
*falls over*

Oh my lord.... these are amazing. I'd hug them to pieces except then, well, they'd be in pieces. Your detail work is incredible. I don't think you'll have any trouble selling them.
:D :D They look *fantastic*! I'm sure you'll get a lot of compliments at the con, whether they sell or not. Brilliant set. I'd love to see some of the Vila-and-Avon-as-companions pics, btw :D

Have a great time at the con!

Fabulous, Van. Congratulations, and good luck. If people have any artistic sense at all, they will be fought ovah!!!!
fabulous hair!
These are completely awesome! I bow down before your mad skills! :)
Those are adorable. I'm absolutely in love with Five and Six....!
Brilliant - Absolute genius work. The detail work is spot on and perfect.
You are a genius!
They are SO CUTE! Well worth $200. Let us know how it went.
Santa Madre de Dios!!! that is some incredible work! They area adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excellent attention to detail and everything!
Gorgeous work -- those look so good and especially in a complete lineup like that!!
They are GORGEOUS!
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