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The Ten Doctors

Woohoo! I got them all done in time! The con is tomorrow and here are all ten of them! :D I love them all but I hope I don't bring any of them back. XD

This image is only 600 pixels on the longest side but all of the rest are 1000 and there are nine of them, so dial up users, you have been warned.

Well this is just a larger version of the pre-cut image.

Shortest to tallest. Poor One really wasn't shorter than Two, though.

Size comparison to a pen!

Odds and evens.

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

The Five Doctors

:3 I couldn't resist. This one's for you, vilakins. XD

I also took a million more pictures of other configurations--each with their next regeneration, the Two Doctors, the Time Crash Doctors, the Three Doctors, different patterns, different angles and Avon and Vila posing as companions for all of them. And Vila >_>ing Six like he's Bayban. And Avon eyeing Six like it's Time Lash. And all sorts of wacky hijinks.

I'm taking Avon and Vila to the con as well, and putting a $200 price on them as a set, ahahaha. I seriously doubt they'll sell but for $200 I'll let them go. XD
Tags: clay creations, doctor who
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